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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. protesters take to the streets of oakland. >> the bay area man whose daughter was murdered lends his support to the family of a missing nursing student. >> you can help california's economy by watching what you eat? one lawmaker says yes. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five.
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. right now supporters of the man shot and killed by a former bart police officer are marching from the scene of the incident. today's protest as he is set to be released tomorrow. we have live team coverage. >> reporter: i can tell you the crowd of maybe two or three hundred cleared out an hour ago as it started the march from this bart station where oscar grant was killed. you can see one of the banners they have where the people are sitting down. things have been under control and focused on one mission. >> no justice for who? >> for oscar grant. >> people briefly closed down fruitvale and international as the march made its way down the streets toward downtown oakland. before it got started the crowd gathered at fruitvale bart station to hear from speakers including grant's uncle and the
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father of one of the other men who was with grant when he was shot and killed by a bart officer two and a half years ago. the feeling is that the release tomorrow after 11 months is not fair. we also heard from grant's mother and his daughter. >> she was robbed of a father and i'm robbed of a son and i just want responsibility around throughout the world that if someone is killed that -- kill someone that they are held responsible. >> during the demonstration many seemed well aware that past protests led to violence, despite a very visible police presence with as many as 100 officers at the ready one speaker today even pleaded with everybody in the crowd to be on the look out for anyone starting trouble and in his
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words to police. we have been trying to check in with bart. it doesn't appear there were any interruptions to service during the demonstrations today and again that march is making its way to downtown oakland and will follow it throughout the evening. we are live here in oakland. >> we have deborah where the march will end with a protest in about 30 minutes from now and some businesses have boarded up after being vandalized after the last protest. >> reporter: marchers making their way here to downtown in the plaza. looking down broadway you can see no sign of them yet but a few hundred people are on the move. we know their intention is to be peaceful but we have seen time and time again how speeches and songs can turn after dark into violence taking a look back at last summer the
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verdict, involuntary manslaughter, thatten raged the community and gave some the opportunity to trash downtown. dozens of businesses had windows shattered, items stolen, cars set on fire and about 80 arrests by the time it was over. we saw the same at the sentencing. now merchants don't want to bear the bunt again. foot locker is walled in, other ground floor establishments taking precautions as well and the city has brought in fencing to keep people out of city center. the atmosphere is just a sunshiny afternoon, people are out here walking, shopping, on the lawn, at the plaza but we know how fast that can change, especially after dark. now, grant's family has stated time and time again that they
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want peaceful protests and no violence, no vandalism. merchants hope that's how it turns out. >> we will continue to follow the release. we will go back to deborah later in the newscast. and we are in los angeles where he will be released after midnight from the county jail. you will find more on the case and the protest by going to our channel 2 website, just scroll down to the right now section of >> update on the story we first brought you this morning. three people, two of them juveniles recovering after an early morning shooting in the foothills. it happened around 2:30 around martin avenue and mount pleasant. the victims were shot as they walked down the street. their injuries we are told onto life threatening. two of them were treated near
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the scene, the third went in to the hospital just a few hours ago. san francisco police are also investigating a shooting, it happened around two this morning near a round table pizza. one man was in the hospital, his condition tonight is unknown. police though tracked down four possible suspects on nearby masonic, still no word on what led up to that shooting. >> the family of a missing nursing student refuses to give up hope despite statement that show that michelle le is dead. paul chambers joins us live is what her family did today and who they have called into help. >> reporter: the family say they will continue to search for her even though police believe she is dead. now today they passed out these flyers in the neighborhood where her car was found. friends, family members, even strangers went door to door talking to residents and passing out flyers, they hope
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to find out more about le's disappearance. >> asked people if they have snipping, maybe something may have come up in case the police didn't want to talk to the police. >> we still have so much hope in bringing her back and we are going to keep fighting to bring her home. . >> reporter: 2500 flyers being passed out in several different neighborhoods. the purpose to keep le fresh in the minds of many. family members say they aren't learning much about the investigation and they feel they need to take matters in to their own hands. >> we don't have any evidence as to where the case is going or if she -- whether or not we should stop. until we get that evidence we will fight for her. . >> reporter: today a man came to show his support. he said it's hard to believe police without any solid evidence. he feels both sides are working for different goals. >> law wants to solve the case. hopefully they will solve it sooner rather than later.
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the family wants to bring michelle home and hopefully they will be able to do that. >> reporter: officers did show some support by stopping by to check on the family. friday they searched for her in nile's canyon. the family plans to continue passing out the flyers until she is proven to be dead. paul chambers. >> bart shut down part of the transbay tube to investigate a report of a fire. a train operator reported what looked like a small fire at about 8:45 this morning. bart crews went out to look but didn't find thing. one passenger on her way to work took the matter in stride. >> i have an hour so, i was hoping to get this early. low key, not crowded. >> reporter: bart said only pittsburgh, bay point trains were howed to use a single track and that spelled delays for riders as much as 20 minutes. bart said normal service was
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restored at about ten to ten. >> a five hour search of the oakland hills led to the rescue of an elderly hiker. the 88-year-old had been hiking her husband when the two got separated on a trail. her husband called the police. emergency workers with east bay regional park and volunteers from the sheriff's office searched the hillside and found her about ten. she was reported in good condition but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> we seem to be slowly inching forward to summer like weather. mark joins us now with the first look at the forecast. >> yeah, most of the bay area warmed up nicely. here is the latest on the satellite. not much in the way of fog, few patches mainly hugging the coast south of the golden gate bridge. updated numbers, talking about upper 70s. san jose checking in at 70, san
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francisco in the upper other's. here is the forecast in the short term. at 6:00 upper 50s to the upper 70's. by 8:00 partly cloudy, mid50s to the mid60s. a few patches could sneak locally into the bay first thing tomorrow morning. here say look at the overnight numbers and lows first thing monday morning, coolest in the lowest 50s, the fog concentrated coast side and around the bay. i will have more on the temperature shift you can expect for tomorrow and the one day few neighbored others could be flirting the 90-degree mark. >> los angeles police say they have a strong case against the man suspected of beating brian stow but prosecutors haven't filed charges. officers arrested giovanni ramirez, he remains in jail on a parole investigation. investigators say they are interviewing witnesses they say will prove he is responsible for the beating.
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ramirez's attorney said he has a dozen people ready to testify his client was at home ata the time. >> police in modesto were searching for clues in the shooting of a pregnant woman. the 18-year-old is now in critical condition. she was found injured inside her car friday night. police say it was a drive by shooting. they have no suspect but say the gun men got away in a dark- colored newer model car. >> the clock is ticking in sacramento where politicians will loose their paycheck itself they don't take action soon. >> and improving california's economy. it could be as easy as changing what you put on your dinner plate. >> the massive wildfire continues to burn in arizona but thousands get welcome news. go! go!
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. sacramento was running out of time so meet california's budget deadline. a new stop gap proposal is on the table to let local governments boost taxes until
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the fall. that's what the governor hopes a ballot measure extending some taxes will be passed. the chronicle was on morning's on two saying the governor doesn't want a budget filled with one time only fixes. >> he would veto he said any budget with any kind of gimmick s kind of thing. >> if legislators don't pass a balanced budget by wednesday their pay and per diem will stop until they do. >> the pressure is also onto pass a resolution designed to encourage people to support our farmers by buying local. patty lee explains what that would mean for you. >> reporter: you probably know one, shopping at multiple markets for the right reasons. like julianna. >> fresh products, organic and
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small business. >> reporter: it's big business actually. california's agriculture industry is valued at 35 billion and the concept of buying local has expanded from supporting the small farmers in your neighborhood to all farmers in the state. >> it's getting so large it's almost a mandate, a resolution asking shoppers to make a conscious decision to buy california grown product once a week. in industry leaders rolled out a campaign to convince people to dedicate a day a week to eating only california grown food. >> if everybody ate california grown food on sundays whether it's chicken or vegetables it would increase by billion the economy in california. >> reporter: that shift in shopping habits could put 15 billion in sales a year in to the local, that is the state's economy. >> it may cost a dollar more or so but that's what will keep california viable. >> if i'm in the habit of doing it i will try my best but
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you know i don't apples pay attention. >> reporter: at the village market they say they are committed to stocking shelves with local products that helps make buying california grown less of a conscious choice than one of the only options. >> the office of gabreille giffords has released the first photograph of her since a would be assassin shot her in the head. one shows her with her mother, the second alone, in both she is smiling. they were taken may 17th at rehab facility where she recovering. a congressman said she is now speaking in full sentences. >> she is making remarkable progress, we are so proud of her. she has a long way to go but you can just see how beautiful she is and we -- longing looking forward to her coming back. >> she is expected to leave
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rehab this month. that shooting also killed six people and injured 12. the suspected gunman is being held in missouri. prosecutors hope his competency can be restored after he was declared unfit to stand trial. >> in arizona tonight thousands of people are back in their homes after fire forced them out. casey is in apache county where some spilled tears of gratitude. >> reporter: the monster wallow fire still burning in eastern arizona, chewing through nearly 450,000 acres. it's getting closer to becoming the state's largest fire on record, only fueled by high winds over the weekend. >> we expect red flag conditions today, it'll still be challenging. >> reporter: sunday finally some good news. the vast majority of the evacuations lifted, some 7,000 residents between communities of springerville and eger finally allowed to return home.
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>> very tired and very excited and happy but very lonely because there aren't to many people here yet. >> we had to leave, it was bad but i'm glad that we are back. i thank god for that. >> reporter: officials issuing warnings about poor air quality, experts say breathing in the tiny particles could cause both short and long term health problems. air quality for much of new mexico and eastern arizona is only expected to get worse. >> the smoke from the wildfire still poses serious health hazards and the smoke problems may continue for weeks. >> reporter: it started two weeks ago and thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to get it under control. >> just having all the firefighters out there, put their lives on the line for our community to save as much as they can. >> i don't know how they do it
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every day. >> reporter: highway 60, the main road into springerville, it has reopened and residents are slowly starting to trickle back in. they say they are grateful to all of the firefighters who worked so hard defending this community. in springerville. >> vallejo firefighters preparing for the season with controlled bushes. tomorrow morning they will burn grass and vegetation. they are aimed to reduce the possibility of the loss of home and properties in the future. this is a picture of the area they will be working on. it has been prone to fires. people who live in the area are asked to keep all windows and doors closed. >> san carlos is looking to hire more than a dozen firefighters. they will start taking applications tomorrow for firefighters and captains. the new one ones will work for
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a hybrid agency. san car agency. >> comingup,, rebels in syria release videos of a violent crack down by soldiers. >> and the wildfire around congressman weiner gets hotter. those calling for him to resign. >> alameda residents gather to protest and call for a federal investigation into the deaths of a suicidal, man on memorial day.
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. the first lady expected to visit the bay area this week. she is scheduled to speak at two democratic fundraisers on tuesday. the first is at a breakfast. tickets range from one thousand to $25,000. later she goes to a lunch. the same day the president will set out on a trip to puerto rico the first president to make an official trip there since kennedy's visit 50 years ago. he will address their territorial status with the united states and he will attend a fundraising event. >> rebels trying to win a hard war in syria released graphic
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video showing protesters being beaten. the videos you are about to see may change if the west stays out of it. >> reporter: the government crack down has reached a new level of savage. the army has brought out helicopters and tanks to destroy the towns in revolt and be have new video showing soldiers beating torturing the protesters. . the soldier said the first kick is for wanting freedom and the beating continues from there. the soldiers appear to be celebrating the capture of protesters. once they are bound and blind folded the kicks and head stomps begin. some have to be held up to be beaten. this man is unable to shield his head and can only cry out for the beating to stop.
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some have deserted because of the army's willingness to kill it's own citizens. this young man posted a video showing his id card. he said i left because of the collective killing of civilians and the hunting of children. the lucky civilians have fled heading for the northern hills and ten turkey where the conditions may be hard but are at least safe from the torture in their own country where soldiers use more than their fists to make a point. another video posted on the option website shows a man lashed with a metal chain, at one point the soldiers have had enough and move onto another victim. in each of these revolutions there is been a tipping point where the tactics of the regime brought about a change in the opinion and in the case of
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libya military invention. the president has an extra layer of protection from his ally iran which nobody wants to pick a fight with right now. >> in other news of the world, the taliban denied responsibility for triggering deadly blasts in pakistan. twin bombs exploded in a busy market area killing 34. a spokesman said they are targeting united states security targets. officials were confronted what the united states said is evidence of working with bin laden. air travel over new zealand and australia is disrupted because of volcanic ash from chile. it shifted to the pacific and indian oceans today. thousands of passengers are stranded. the airline cancelled more 20
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flights. the airline said it may cancel monday flights. new floods in central and southern china have killed at least 94. a thousand families displaced. the rain hit yesterday after the flood on friday. a lake is so full it can't divert water from the river. flooding from the river has ruined 1.5 million acres of farmland. more rain is expected during the next few days. >> a cyber attack aimed at monetarry fund is under investigation. the ims said it had a close incident but it's not discussing the specifics. the fund has been the target of an increasing number of attacks, especially as it demanded austerity measures. >> growing calls for anthony
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weiner to resign. a rally in new york city demanded that the congressman step down after a wave of lewd pictures of him that he had sent over the internet surfaced. so far he is only asking for a leave of absence to seek treatment. in washington today the chair of the republican national committee blasted democrats for moving to showly in their response. >> he was lying from the beginning. he turned this town and this country into a circus, we called for nancy pelosi and the democrats to do what every american knew had to be done and call for him to resign. >> more pictures show him in the congressional gym. police are also reportedly checking in to his possible contact with a 17-year-old. seven republicans eyeing the white house make their case to voters tomorrow. the hopefuls will take part in this year's first gop presidential candidates debate. the event at a manchester new
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hampshire college features the major candidates. >> growing anger in alameda. >> a group of people waded out into the water, they weren't doing it for fun but to make a point about a water rescue that didn't happen. >> locals hit the streets of san francisco, car free today. . >> and a new baby for one of san francisco's couples.
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noe. a group is calling for a federal investigation of city leadership including the police and fire. the demands after some of the city's emergency responders stood by and watched a man drown. the department said it's making changes to policy but some say to little to late. >> you can hear us in the water? >> reporter: the man with the bull horn is pretending to be a police officer. >> go out, effect a rescue. >> reporter: the people on shore aren't real emergency responders and the people in the water don't need help. this is all staged to make a statement. >> the fire department in particular is looking like the police department as well is not available to do their job. they aren't properly trained, don't seem it be able to respond correctly and they are causing harm. >> reporter: it was memorial day weekend when they were
5:33 pm
called to help rescue a man in the water. they arrived but stayed on the shore and never went in. raymond zach drowned. >> we stormed up to them and said why aren't you going in and the they said the policy says we don't. >> reporter: their water service certificate had expire and they didn't have cold water gear. the interim chief didn't return our calls but firefighters will receive water training starting next week. the mayor has also called for an investigation but the group said it's not enough. >> the only thing that will satisfy me and the others of us would have organized this is a criminal investigation by the department of justice. something is very wrong inial immediate a. >> reporter: they say this event was supposed to show how different the outcome could have been. in alameda, ktvu channel 2news. >> thousands of people ditched
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their cars for the day to walk, bike or skate through the streets of san francisco. nice day to do that. it was part of sunday streets held onto second sunday of each month. the party shut down car traffic along the third street corridor. pedestrians, bicyclists and of course that fresh air and exercise. denver school residents were also at today's event. the students offered free dental screenings. volunteers say what are doing is important for the kids and for the parents. >> he we want them to understand how to avoid cavities and tell them we are here as a clinic to take care
5:35 pm
of them. >> awomann was arrested on suspicious of selling fake disneyland tickets. police arrested her saturday in her pleasant hill home. they say they have proof of three victims and evidence of four others. there is no word on how much money if any people lost on the deal. she was booked in to the jail on $60,000 bail. a suspected bank robber being held on $100,000 bail after being arrested in santa rosa. this is surveillance photograph of the 30-year-old. it was taken last week. police saw him at a gas station around 9:00 last night. he was arrested and taken to the jail. >> the stage is set for the next big hearing in the battle
5:36 pm
over same sex marriage. tomorrow a judge in san francisco will begin deciding whether to void the ruling by the gay judge in the proposition 8 case. a christian group contends the judge might benefit from his own decision if he wishes to marry his partner. last august the judge ruled california's ban on same sex marriage is not constitutional. >> the city will receive a half million dollar grant from microsoft. the donation consists of software and cash. it's aimed to increase the number of students going to college. the mayor will announce the program tomorrow. the nation's top educator wants to make sure no child is left behind. education secretary has a back up plan in case reforms of the education law aren't adopted. he plans to let go stringent
5:37 pm
requirements in agrees to adopt efforts like linking teaching with performance. he said if nothing is done 82% of schools will receive failing grades next year. >> it's a story we have been following for the last four. hundreds march in protest of the scheduled release of a former bart police officer. and the mississippi river grows calmer, how louisiana is starting to recover from that intense flooding. >> and is warmer weather coming? your complete forecast is next with mark. q
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. a baby makes for four. a spokesman for the current
5:40 pm
lieutenant governor announced that he and his wife are the parents of a baby boy. hunter was born in san francisco this morning. he was 8 pounds four ounces and two and a half inches long. it's the second child for the couple. their daughter is 20 months old. >> things starting to return to normal in louisiana, a month after high waters along the mississippi river caused major flooding concerns. part of the mississippi river levee reopened this weekend. the rest of it'll reopen later this week. it was closed may 13th in an anticipation of record rising waters, the water level has since fallen and the sandbags and other devices have been removed. >> water was very, very, very high and they needed to loose a lot of the water. >> this is something that is so extraordinary that just --
5:41 pm
so we had to come. >> reporter: the army corp. of engineers closed 30 of 330 bays a spillway. they opened it last month to divert water from the river to protect new orleans. >> this week there will be a treat for sailboat races fans. starting tomorrow two black, 45- foot boats will face off for high speed test races on the bay. the races will run from one 3:30. >> and a water adventure of a different kind. it was the second dog day on the bay cruise, a fundraiser for the spca, for $125 the dogs and their human friends went on a party boat. there was champagne and plenty
5:42 pm
of water stations for the four leppinged friends. >> looks like we can look forward to dry weather. mark is here with the forecast. >> that's right. it has been the reward we have been waiting for and right now we have a mostly sunny skies across a good portion of the bay area, still patchy fog, right now the maps i can show you this, there is that patch, mainly south of pillar point. low clouds i expect will be increasing mainly coast side late tonight into early monday morning. here is a look at the weather story for tonight. we will have that in the forecast with fair skies, tomorrow clearing skies, then the extended forecast, we increase the fog, it's that time of year. we talk about the marine layer, it's on track in the extended forecast. that's after a warm day today. most neighborhoods about two to 12-degrees warmer than saturday. you can see the lower 80s out
5:43 pm
toward fairfield and antioch. san francisco at 61 and pacifica in the lower 60's as well. high pressure has been building. this will ensure the dry weather pattern. most areas up a few degrees monday and into tuesday, tuesday will be the warmest day of the week, the warmest locations, talking about mid80s but by tuesday they could be inching closer to the 90-degree mark. here is the forecast model showing you some of the patchy fog first thin tomorrow. few patches could push into the bay, concentrated coast side. maybe some partly cloudy skies, south of the golden gate bridge for tomorrow tank. here say look at the forecast beginning at 7:00. coastal fog, 53 to 58, by 12:00 58 to 75, clearing skies and then by four, mostly sunny, there is the temperature range,
5:44 pm
more 80s, here is a look at the numbers, santa rosa around 84, oakland topping out lower 70s, san jose around 78 and gilroy, the temperatures around three or four tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead. the five-day forecast, those temperatures peaking on tuesday and then a dip in the numbers, not membership of one on wednesday and just more cooling for thursday and friday as we increase the fog, bring in partly cloudy skies, it'll be dry once again, inland neighborhoods in the lower 80s, just a few days ago we were talking about rainfall and now possibly 90-degree heat for a few parts of the bay area. >> thank you. >> we want to go back now to our top story tonight. the protests over the planned release of messerly. he has served his time for shooting oscar grant. deborah is live where grant's supporters are expected to
5:45 pm
arrive. >> reporter: and they have arrived. we have a few hundred people here. as you can see basically shut down. there is a big banner on the pavement that says justice denied and that pretty much is the sentiment here for the crowd. they believe that from the start of this case two and a half years ago when grant was shot and killed that justice has been denied in terms of his verdict for involuntary manslaughter and then his two year sentence for which he served one year. this crowd is planning a rally over here toward city hall. as -- as is usually the case they have stopped as soon as they get to the plaza, this is where the open mic and speak out is happening and we have people voicing their discontent and urging people to seek justice for grant. at this point police are
5:46 pm
keeping a low profile. there is a low of motorcycle officers, these are the officers that escorted the crowd from the fruitvale bart station holding traffic at the intersection so they could get here. that was about a 90 myanmar. so, they are on stand by and if we look over down broadway i want you to see there are also unmarked cars, and a sort of perimeter set up so that police are clearly taking kind of a wait and see approach, holding back and letting this evolve as a peaceful demonstration. that's the stated purpose from the organizers, the coalition for justice for oscar grant said they have monitors in the crowd. they don't want this to get out of hand, they don't want to see property damage, that has happened in the past after dark, once the protesters go home and the speeches and songs
5:47 pm
are over we have seen people split off into splinter groups, seth fires, smashing glass. this rally still has a couple hours to go. we will stand by and watch and list tone the points of view and have a full report for you tonight at ten. live in oakland. >> thank you. we will of course have any updates available on the website. >> and coming up a count verse at finish in the a's game. one that you just have to see. >> and we will hear from alex smith about his future with the franchise. joe is coming up.
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. good evening. welcome to this early sunday night of sport wrap. when a team is struggling everything seems to go wrong, even umpires calls, the a's these days, exhibit a when it comes to what can go wrong will go wrong. things started out all right today in chicago, crisp led off the game with his 1,000th career hit. he later scored on a sacrifice fly by matsui. able to keep that lead until he put a couple runners on, dunn hit ace nose outer, just like that it's 3-1, in and out of trouble allowing base runners in ever inning but the first. a's close the gap with a run in the 6th and then in the 7th, sizemore, he gets in to a pitch, his first home run in an a's uniform. he cost them the lead in the bottom of the inning -- trying to start a double play.
5:51 pm
mark scores, white sox added one more on a single by paul konerko. one run in, chris hits the chopper to third and appears to beat out, the inning would continue but brian said the throw beats him. that's the game. new manager gets a chance to show his displeasure, he has a good case but that won't change anything. the a's loose 5-4 to finish a road trip, go 1-9 and loose the manager. they have lost 12 of the last 13. the giants -- they are scoreless in the second. they will need to win that game to stay alone in first place in the west. they can dance in florida but can they play? steven drew with the shot to the gap in right center. drew will get thrown out at third trying for the triple but upton scores on the play. the diamondbacks with the quick
5:52 pm
lead. bloomquist, he hustles in from left. arizona 5-1 winner, right now the diamondbacks just a half game behind the division leading giants, at least they are happy. all of the sports world continues to hope owners and players would soon come up with a collective baring agreement that lets the nfl season start on time. teams with new coaches could be at a disstint disadvantage. alex smith organized team workouts. he was able to get the play book. a free agent his presence in this camp obviously indicates he plans to return to the 49ers and also plans to be the starting quarterback. >> that's why i'm doing this. i don't put in the time, sacrifice this stuff to not do that. it's the drive in me i have had and will continue to have.
5:53 pm
i want play football. i love to play the game. i have more to prove than ever. i know i can play the game at the high level and have done consistently and -- i'm determined to do so. >> think the fans will be patient with you? >> no. when are fans patient? that's the nature of the game. i understand that. >> another presence in the camp is the quarterback they selected in the second round in april, he has even more to learn about the west coast offense than smith. by all thes smith has been very helpful. >> definitely a -- he is a great guy, he has been helping me with everything. he said if you have any questions just ask, he has helped me through everything through the play book that i didn't quite understand. he is just doing a great job helping everybody out. >> i appreciate his attitude a lot. the way he has come in. i'm not the type that will have
5:54 pm
any ill will. we will deal with it. the thing i told him and continue to tell him is whatever happens is going to be left on the field. it won't be dealt with in the press, off the field, that competition should happen between the lines. >> old favorite gets in the winner circle on the nascar circuit. we will show you how that happened. and how it was tough to be a teammate today if you were driving a formula one car. we will be right back. woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it!
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man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! . the wins don't come as often but jeff gordon has moved in to a identify for third place on the all time win list after today's race. this isn't the direction you want to run. edwards backing in to the pits after blowing an engine. godn 't gets help from johnson
5:57 pm
as he passes montoya. he would then hold on for his 84th career victory. that ties him with allison and waltrip, petty is the leader with 200 wins and then it's pierson. despite his early exit edwards is the overall leader. formula one action where george lucas appeared. on lap 18th hamilton and buton are dualing. this isn't what the owners had in mind. hamilton takes the worst of it and is dead last in the field at 24th place. button at one point all the way back to 21st. he was challenging the leader on the final lap. he flips in the turn and buton's persistence pays off. he remains the formula run leader after seven of 20 races,. game six of the nba finals going on right now, dallas leads the heat by double digits in the second quarter. we will have it all tonight on the late edition of sports
5:58 pm
wrap. see you then. >> looking forward to it. tonight at ten we follow the protest in oakland that's happening right now. hundreds have gathered ahead of the scheduled release from jail. we will bring you developments before ten. >> that is the report for now. for all of us, thank you for joining us, we will see you back tonight at ten. >> goodnight. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪
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